Organize A Romantic Garden Wedding


Romantic Garden Wedding

People who have a beautiful garden, pergola or patio at home generally plan their wedding parties at home. Organizing a wedding party at home generally brings up a level of intimacy which is everyone’s desire. Due to the shortage of place at home people are generally developing a trend of organizing their wedding parties at some marriage hall or hotel. Organizing wedding at any venue away from your home generally takes a lot of effort. However, both the choices are good whether you do it at home or any other venue.
Party venue must be decorated with the most beautiful things to give it a beautiful and romantic feel. If you have a tropical type garden, try using wooden chairs and a beautiful teak pergola or decking. Use hibiscus, frangipanis or bougainvillea for decoration purpose. Ceramic pots can be used to decorate some flowers. You can sue the same color ribbons to decorate the flowers.
For a cottage garden setup, you can use flowers like roses, lavender, focus, or box hedges. Decorate the venue with table and chairs covered with white table clothes. For serving the food, antique china crockery would be a great idea. A white pergola in such weddings can add leaps and bounds to the wedding decoration. If your wedding is going to be organized in a modern garden, then you will need minimal styles to decorate. A wooden or tiled deck will do the best for wedding. Use flannel flowers, waratahs, lilies, frangipani, etc. to decorate pots or other areas of the wedding venue.
Use dynamic color table clothes such as purple, orange or red for decoration. The website