STD Testing A Must For All



Doctors recommend that people who are sexually active should screen themselves for STDs at regular intervals. If you indulge in sex with any new partner, it is better you get yourself tested for STD within a weeks’ time to rule out any infections due to the different bacteria, virus or parasites. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania you can find comprehensive and accurate tests at Pittsburgh STD testing centres. A popular site, shows us the different measures taken by the government to educate people and stop the spread of HIV.

STD is a sexually transmitted disease which can spread from person to person. The best place to get yourself tested and confirm if you are tested positive or negative for any type of STD is a reliable STD testing centre. There are many different types of common STDs, and can be caused by bacteria, virus or parasites. The common STD are HIV, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, pubic lice, Herpes 1 and 2, Chlamydia, genital wards also known as HPV and vaginitis.

Some of the STDs that can be cured by use of antibiotics, i.e. medicines which kill the bacteria in the body, are chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. Proper antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor. So it is very necessary to test yourself for these STDs at the earliest because these kinds are curable. If not diagnosed in time and treatment undertaken then the complications are high.

Some of the STDs that are spread through viruses are Herpes, HIV, HPV and Hepatitis. Because these are viral infections they cannot be treated with the help of antibiotics. The physician would have to use antiviral medicines as a method of treatment. These antiviral medications prevent the virus from increasing in the body. By using the antiviral treatment, patients can lead a normal and healthy routine. It is very important to get yourself tested for these types of STD at least yearly and if tested positive, start the treatment without any delay because the complications are very fatal.

Some of the STDs which are parasitic are pubic lice, intestinal parasites, trichomoniasis and scabies. These are very small bugs that live in our body. If they are detected in time and treated they are curable. These parasitic infections can be acquired through sexual activity also.

These are some of the common STD which can be tested from a confidential STD testing centre. Choose a testing centre which is FDA approved and deliver the results within a day or two. Usually there are different types of tests for different types of STDs. They would collect your blood and urine for further testing. There are many complications if not tested and treated in time like infertility and cancer. Certain STDs like HIV and Hepatitis B are very serious if undiagnosed and would lead to death. The other concern is that you would be unknowingly spreading it to a large number of people. Because the symptoms start to show up only after a very long time you can never suspect that you are infected with STD.
No matter the factors like age, homosexual, heterosexual, men or women get yourself tested for STD from a reliable testing centre for a good night’s sleep.