Details About Erectus Shot Orlando


Erectus Shot

A revolutionary step in the medical field that is developed from the stem cell concept is Erectus shot Orlando. In fact, it is very common to hear this word in Orlando in the recent days. This treatment is highly successful due to the fact it is natural and the possibility of side effects or rejection by the body is very less in this treatment. Normally, the cell that is going to be used will also be taken from the person’s body. This treatment will be used mainly for the penile tissue regeneration for men. This treatment has been proved to be highly effective when compared to the traditional treatments.

There will be no need for any sort of anesthesia while this particular treatment is carried out. In fact, there will be no requirement of overnight stays after the treatment and the patient can resume to the normal works immediately after the treatment. This process will not be very painful and hence is preferred by many people in recent days. There will be no problem of lumpiness after the process is completed. Since no artificial techniques are used for the tissue growth in this procedure, it is very natural. An added advantage of this procedure is that there will be no usage of embryonic stem cells in the process.

The stem cell culture will also be prevented in this method making it more preferable. The sample of blood, cell or fat will be got from the person’s body itself for the process, so the chance of rejection by the body is zero. Hence, this makes the process highly suitable for all men. There will be a growth advantage too as the sample for treating the problem is taken from the healthy part of the patient’s body itself. Vascularization will also be supported in this procedure making it a sought after treatment.